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Photography by Deb Hollister - Pure & Simple Graphics and Mario Gallucci - Mario Gallucci Photography

Your vote counts! Which on loan sculpture from the works pictured above would you like to see become a permanent part of the City of Lake Oswego? This year's winner will become part of the city of lake Oswego's permanent art collection. The artist and sculpture will be honored at the Gallery Without Walls Celebration on September 14, 2019 at Sundeleaf Plaza.

This year’s nominees include:

#1 Pollinators by Greg Fields - made from glazed ceramic and steel. The sculpture is located at Windward at the corner of Evergreen and First Street.

#2 Guermo en Inverno by Jamie Burnes - fashioned from Cor-ten steel and locust wood. The sculpture is located on A Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Street.

#3 Observation Tower by Dale Reiger - made from Kiln-formed glass. The sculpture is located on the corner of B Avenue and Second Street.

#4 Know Time by Benjamin Mefford - constructed of basalt. The sculpture is located on A Avenue and Fourth Street.

#5 Frog on Fruit by Heather Söderberg-Greene - created from bronze. The sculpture is located on the corner of B Avenue and First Street.

Paper ballots can be found at the following locations: City Hall, Lake Oswego Public Library, the Arts Council of Lake Oswego, the Adult Community Center, LO Maintenance Center, Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce, and New Seasons at Mountain Park.

Presented by the Arts Council of Lake Oswego in partnership with the City of Lake Oswego & Living Well in LO!

Deadline for ballots is 5/19/19

Voters must reside or work in Lake Oswego, Oregon. ONE VOTE PER PERSON!

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